NAMS 8 – Helen Raptoplous


Helen Raptoplous is an instructor at NAMS8.  So the thing is … I may have met her once…briefly…yet I am very interested on hearing what she is speaking on.  Why?  The titles to her talks say it all.


How to Progress Faster Than a Speeding Train


How To Be Incredibly Productive and Get More Done

These are two areas of interest in someone starting out that knows the basics of marketing online but are trying to put the pieces together efficiently.  Click here to read more about these two sessions at NAMS8.


Don’t miss this training!  February 10-12

Don’t miss this training! February 10-12

This is a perfect training opportunity whether you don’t currently have a website or if you have been making money online for years

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If you want to hear my best lesson learned at the last NAMS workshop, click here.